Smell Ya Later: Fortune Cookie Soap CYO Event!

Anyone that knows me, knows my dire love for Fortune Cookie Soap. FCS for short is a soap, bath and body company that is just BEYOND amazing. They interact with their fans and know what they want. They really take that experience to heart because in my opinion it's what their company was founded on.

CYO is short for "Create Your Own" and it allows you to to be the the mix master! Today January 9th at 6PM CST they open up the 48 hour long event. They may shut it down mid way though depending on the flood of orders. Because today is the most maaaaaaagical one of all! CYO Whipped Cream! One of their most popular products and one of my MUST HAVES. Seriously, if they stopped making it, I'd cry. Maybe even attend a funeral for it. It's thick, rich and moisturizing. Perfect healing for my tootsies and hands. And with this cold, dry winter I've been using it way more that I usually do.

So I have an imagination and I love Pretty Little Liars. So I created my own "blends" for a few of the Characters and I'd love to share them with you! And by any means, if you like one, take it and order it! Just keep the name the same is all I ask! If I feel inclined I might do more secondary Characters. I can't believe I forgot Mona :(

"Hanna Marin"- Pinky Swear 70% Marshmallow 30%

"Emily Feilds"-Aquaholic 70% Blood Orange & Goji 20% Tiny Tibute 10%

"Aria Montgomery"-Cotton Candy 40% Rock Your Socks Off 40% Fluffy Pink Candy 20%

"Spencer Hastings"-Quickie50% Ripe For The Picking40% Double Mint 10%

"Alison DiLaurentis"- Yellow Polka Dot Bikini50% Verbena40% Clementine 10%

"Toby Cavanaugh"-Indian Summer 60% Dirty Hoe 40%

"Caleb Rivers"-Gin Martini 40% Honey Dew Me 25%  Strawberries and Champagne 25%

"Ezra Fitz"-Sensual 50% Zero 25%  Lollipop Your Cherry 25%

"Paige McCullers"-The Sweet Spot 50% Ruby Red Grapefruit 40% Joyride 10%

"A"- Mother Pucker 50% Sugar Briches 50%

I want 3 of them and I'm trying to narrow it own to 2. I know I want "Hanna Marin" for sure. The other 2 battling are "Emily Feilds" and "Aria Montomery".

SO here is what you need to know if you want to buy anything from this event:
Where can I get ideas for "blends"?: The Museum (where all old scents are!) and/or Fragrance Library
PRICE: $12.99 each
SHIPPING: FLAT RATE $6 (maybe a few odd cents as well)

and if you are a first time buyer use my referral link you'll receive $5 off your first purchase of $30 or more (your first order only). And yes I do get points for that 50 to be exact. You don't have to use it but if you want to help a sister out that'd be swell!


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