The Youtubes: Kati Morton

Kati Morton is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I discovered her videos and channel through two people she did collabs with, Matt Leiberman and BriaandChrissy. It was neat and informative so I decided to check out her own channel and was pleasantly surprised by it.  

She puts out videos Mondays and Thursdays. Her videos run from the educational kind to thought provoking. Above I put a video of her explaining part of what I have, Bipolar Disorder I. I love these educational type of videos that go into detail, they make me understand things so much better than they would if others tried to explain. The other videos she makes are FAQ's, Questions, and journal topics. All tools to help you live a better life.

Her website is and there is a lot of info there including worksheets, resources and discussion groups. 

I really hope you enjoy learning from her as much as I do!


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  1. I love love Kati Morton. I found her one day and have been a devoted follower for awhile. She seems to answer all my questions that I can't quite ask my psychiatrist or my therapist. Such weird questions, too. I have Bipolar Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. My aunt has Bipolar 1 with rapid cycling, so I can bet that's it's more difficult, but Bipolar Disorder in general really sucks and is really destructive. I think you already know it is. Regardless, this is awesome, that other people know who she is. She's amazing.