Smell Ya Later: FCS CYO "Hanna Marin" and "Aria Montgomery"

As I discussed in length about the FCS CYO Event in an earlier post I wanted to share about the 2 I received from the event.
The first is named "Hanna Marin" and it is made of one of their museum scents called "Pinky Swear" (70%) and Marshmallow (30%). To me it smells like Bananas, berries, a very very light foral and a hint of soft Marshmallow. Like all CYO events they don't add color so both are white. It's still the thick body butter/whipped cream I love, but now in a custom scent for me!

The second "Aria Montgomery" is one I battled back and forth about getting because I wasn't sure if I wanted it or another scent. I am SO happy I got this one! It's Cotton Candy (40%) Rock Your Socks off (another museum scent, 40%) and Pink Fluffy Candy (20%). To me it's like heaven so sugary and sweet  unlike most in my collection. Mot the scents I own are fruity. It totally smells like a strong grape cotton candy. Makes me want some from the fair!

The next CYO event FCS is doing is Sugar Scrub on Fe. 13th! I love their scrubs but I don't use them fast enough to justify participating in the event. I still have a full size on of "Roy G. Biv" from their "Witch Please!" collection. It's nice to use after a shave to get all that dead skin away! So if you are into scrubs, check them out!

The next CYO event I might take part in is the CYO Cuticle Butter. If you are a nail care/polish girl they are a MUST for you to try or have! So moisturizing and healing for your poor poor cuticles! 



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