Smell Ya Later!: First Look: Sucreabeille

PICTURED: Calm The Fuck Down Oil, Van Van Bar Soap, Fiery Wall Of Protection  Conjure Oil.

This is my first personal purchase from the Sucreabeille shop. I had previously ordered from there for my "elfie" as part of a swap I am in. I was really impressed by that order that I just had to order from there for myself. It was an off the whim buy and I am THRILLED that I made it.

My favorite is the obvious "Calm The Fuck Down" oil. It smells awesome, something I didn't think I'd like that much but when I got it, I did. It's a blend of essential oils to help calm you. The description on the site reads:
"This a sigh-inducing blend of essential oils (lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot, vanilla, and patchouli), in an almond oil base. It's a soothing, honeyed lavender-vanilla blend. 
If you're not a patch-fan, there's *just* enough of it in there to ground it, rather than "dirty it up". 
Typically, I am NOT much of an ylang-ylang fan, but this has just enough to give it a delightfully calming "je ne sais quoi". "
Anyone that knows me , knows I can be a bit anxious or skiddish  at times and I am well aware of those facts. So I figured this oil might be able to help me in some way shape or form and if it didn't it was at least worth a shot at $5. The first night I had it I listened to the directions and applied it to pulse points before I went to bed. I SLEPT THROUGH THE WHOLE NIGHT WITHOUT WAKING UP DURING THE NIGHT. Now THAT is a feat. I ALWAYS wake up during the night. ALWAYS. I'm not saying it's the oil, it could be just be a coincidence. Either way I'm happy to be sleeping like a somewhat normal human being! I shared it with my Mother and she loved the scent so much she bought me another, herself one and her friend. My Mother usually isn't down with my adventures in indie, so this was a big thing to me!

The Van Van Soap. It's a Glycerin soap (those tend to be one of my faves) and it is an old "HooDoo" recipe. Basically meaning to change bad luck into good luck. It smells awesome as well. Smells like lemon and verbena to me. Has glitter in it too, makes it really pretty and I like the size and square shape of it. I have not used it yet, but when I do I will post a follow up review on the soap along with any other findings on the oils.

The Wall Of Fiery Protection Conjure oil is yet another "HooDoo" recipe. It's to fight off evil energy and protect you from malicious attacks. I am not a fan of the smell. It's "spicy"/"hot" to my nose. I did dab some on doorknobs and want to read more about it before I do anything else with it. She does offer this in a beautiful glittery soap bar as well, same size and shape as the Van Van bar.

Sucreabeille is a French word I believe and I've seen the owner even phonetically spell it a couple of times and I still can't pronounce it! The owners name is Caroline and I don't know her very well but have interacted her on a few occasions in Facebook groups. I can tell she is very skilled at her craft with the unique offerings she brings to the indie world. The way she blends seems as she is challenging herself each and every time she is creating a product. I have no suggestions for her. She has a successful business and creates products that reflect her personal taste and uniqueness and only has to answer to herself because people trust the products that she puts out are only going to be to the best standards of hers.


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