My Soap Story: The Dirty Truth

If we want to start at the very beginning we will have to go back to High School. Like any Teen in the late 90's Bath and Bodyworks was my life. That's all you ever got for Christmas, birthdays, any sort of celebration. It was the generic gift that gave to all. You didn't know what to buy someone? Oh a girl? Bath and Body Works it is!  I remember when we finally got one in our Mall, it was crazy that a "big" store was coming to our little mall. Life was fine and so were the generic gifts from a cousin twice removed. After a while I stopped going there, my interest just weren't in the store anymore, but one off day I decided to go in just to see what they had these days....worst choice ever! I walked in and tried a hand lotion and no sooner than it was on, my skin turned red and the rest of my body broke out into hives. I ran out of the store freaked out having a hard time breathing. The further I walked from the store, the better my breathing got. Needless to say I have sworn off the store ever since. Sadly it just wasn't this store, anywhere that just overflowed with fragrance, I had to steer clear of, mostly the cleaning isles in grocery stores were a BIG culprit. (Still are to present day.)

I promised everyone when I started this blog and that I'd always be real with you guys, even if it's not a happy story, or leads anywhere with my BiPolar Disorder and this part of the story is very hard for me to admit and tell. Toward the end of 2011 I started watching youtube beauty videos. I knew nothing about makeup, soap, candles the usual beauty guru talk but I somehow found it fascinating. A friend on a message board sent me to look at user "sayanythingbr00ke"s videos due to the love of nail polish we shared.  This was during a hard period of my life. I was beyond depressed. I didn't want anything to do with anyone or anything. Days just ran into each other and frankly I just stopped caring about everything. Nothing mattered, and that led to me not even noticing I wasn't showering. I was told I needed to shower by family members, sure that offended me but not enough to even care. I was still just depressed. Brooke started to do reviews of the company Fortune Cookie Soap on her channel and I was intrigued yet again. I had no idea there were small companies like that offering goods for sale. It seemed like a cool idea. I didn't have to risk going into a store and breaking out, and the company sounded fun, I loved seeing Brooke's reviews and hearing descriptions of scents that sounded appealing to me. So I took the plunge and made an order. I actually liked the scents and products. I noticed I didn't need a reminder to shower...I actually wanted to shower. My family noticed too. It wasn't a cure all for the depression and mania...but it was something. All of a sudden I had new interests and was intrigued by new things and not to mention, smelled fabulous while doing so.

I continued my love for FCS by subscribing to The Soap Box that came out in the early half of 2012. It was a good price, and I got to try items. Like Christmas every 3 months.

In 2014 I discovered there were more companies "indies" that made soaps, beauty, and even wax for tart warmers. They are all small business owners with a passion. I learned there were more great people out there besides FCS. That it wasn't "Loyalty" to a company, that it was ok to branch out and support others pursuing their soapy dreams.

So I decided that my 2015 New Years Resolution would be to try out more companies. I never knew there were SO MANY! I keep learning more about them everyday from groups on FaceBook. It's so nice to have a conversation, learn, and make new friends in this process. Yes, I did mention learn! I never knew how much math, science, and just general creativity went into these things. I always just thought into scent, not the hard work behind the scenes. And now that I am gaining more knowledge I am respecting these small business owners more and more and want to support them in their adventures and make my own adventures by using their products.

I've been debating on sharing my story in full for a while now. I made it in hopes that anyone out there is feeling as depressed as I was (and can still get), it's not the end. You matter! Whether you find a new spark for soap, makeup, beauty, music, ANYTHING. Find a passion and just go with it. What do you have to lose? Nothing.

If you are looking for help, it's out there.
The Lee Thompson Young Foundation
The Trevor Project
The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
It Get's Better Project
Equilibrium-The Bipolar Foundation


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  1. Thank you for sharing this story! <3 Through you, I love Fortune Cookie Soap as well, and am looking at smaller local places to purchase from, too :)

    1. I'm glad you liked my story! And It's really cool you are looking for other places to shop!

      I hve no idea but I've had others trying to comment and they can't :( I need to figure this out!