New Year, New Manis!

As almost everyone knows I'm a tad obsessed with nail polish. Last year on Instagram I took a picture of every mani I did no matter HOW bad it looked. I'm not a professional, I make mistakes and sometimes (accidentally in this case) color out of the lines. I want to do that again this year, except try to blog about them if and when time allows. Last year was really busy so I didn't get much time to do them. I did 37 last year only, maybe I can beat that this year! I don't really do nail art, just paint. I'm not skilled enough with a steady hand for it!

Let's start off at Christmas! This year I got a nice load of Nail Polish and accessories!
First off the accessories. My sister got me this cool looking electric nail buffer..and well it didn't work out as planed. You need a REALLY steady hand and skill. Maybe if it had a lower speed setting I'd be ok, but sadly it was a bust. I also got the Amope foot file. It's another electric item and this time things were ok with it! Really helped with my rough feet so I plan on using it more when I need it most. The last accessories I received where the Julep Plie Wand and 2 'creative' attachments. I'm a little skeptic of it but I'll give it a try. I was going to for my first many of the year but there was some prep involved. You had to  wipe the brushes down with nail polish remover to remove the protective coating and I had JUST used the last of my remover to get the old polish I had off.

On to the first Mani of the year!

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It was one of the new Polishes I got. "Lois" by Julep I LOVE Julep polishes but I never buy them for myself anymore due to price. I was SHOCKED when I opened the boxes at Christmas! I didn't know how they knew I liked them. The Step Mom confessed to seeing it on Good Morning America. The color in real life is a lot more ink than this picture shows. I'd describe it as frosty with some shimmer to it. Aplication was smooth. I found no problem with it being too thick (which some Julep polishes are) or thin. I love how it came out nice and smooth. I can see myself wearing this later in the year as well. I also used the Oxygen base and top coat as well! Both new to me!


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