Influenster #FrostyVoxBox: EcoTools Hair Brush

I received this as part of Influenster's VOXBOX program. The specific box was #FrostyVoxBox It is an EcoTools hair brush that claims to dry your hair faster. It has what looks like vents in it. There were no instructions on to use this wet or dry, or to use a hair dryer. To me it looks like it's to be used with a hair dryer.

First look at it I saw the bristles were natural and I usually dislike that type but decided I'd at least try it. My instincts were correct. On dry and wet hair the bristles just would not catch my hair. It just wouldn't catch it or let it go through. It was a pain in the butt. My hair type is short (shoulder length), thick and wavy. Maybe it will work with other hair types but it was just not compatible to mine.

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