Smell Ya Later!: Altitude Soap Co. First Look&Review

PICTURED: Athena Owl Scenter made by First Sunday Handmade, Baklava Wax Tart, Siren Song Salt Bar, Baklava Lip Balm, My Big Fat Greek Hair Shampoo, Medusa Conditioner, Demeter Perfume, Athena Body Butter (Better known on their site as Colorado Gold) and Put Some Windex On It Salve.

First off I know I've been gone a long time. Life has gotten hectic lately and my focus has been on that, not blogging. Sometimes when you have issues in your life you just can't seem to get in the head space for writing anything so I just avoid it all together instead of getting frustrated. 

Now on to the goods! This is real late..this is the August Box my sister bought me for my birthday. The reason I'm calling this a First Look/Review is I've had the products for a while now, so you diffidently get the First look aspect of them. As for Reviews you will only receive them on a handful of products. That's because in most box cases if there is something I don't like, I pass it along to someone that I think will like it or I am using other products up first before moving on to others.

The first thing I could smell when I opened the box was the Wax Tart in Baklava. It totally does smell like! On cold sniff it is strong so I bet when it's in the warmer it will even be stronger. There's even a cinnamon stick on top! I thought that was very clever! I am not a fan of cinnamon though personally so it will go in my stash to be put in an RAOK or Elfie package down the line sometime. As for the Lip Balm n that scent I gave it to my Step Mother. She enjoys it! Another item no longer in my possession is the tiny Demeter Perfume. The scent just wasn't for me..I can't even remember what it smells like to describe my idea of it to you. The paper that came with it though says "ripe strawberries, Greek Wildflowers, an Bergamot." I gave it to my sister to give to a friend.

The "Put Some Windex On It" Salve is quite an interesting product. I haven't really used it yet  but I will be when I need it! It's supposed to be good for bumps, cuts, bites and more. It's packed full of natural and beneficial noms for the skin. The paper even mentions something about redness in the face and I think I'm going to try it out for that since lately my face has been funky.

The Athena Owl Scenter is SUPER DUPER CUTE! I love Jana's creations! She's from First Sunday Handmade and I've had ordered from her before. She's super sweet and reliable. She has tons of cute things you can buy! This item was made to be paired with the perfume I think. All you do is put some on the cork  on the back and you have instant freshness wherever you decided to hang your cute little friend!

The Siren Song Salt bar is a sea salt soap bar. I have not used it yet, but I plan on keeping it to use it in the future. I've been on a major bar soap kick lately which is so weird! I always usually go for whipped soap, but this whole summer has been about the bar! And I love Sea Salt in soaps. Seems to always give it a rich lather.

Now onto my top 3 favorites from the box!! The "My Big Fat Greek Hair Shampoo" and "Medusa" Deep Conditioner where an amazing combo! I never used an indie Liquid Shampoo before and was hesitant on it but it won me over. The lather was nice and bubbly and made my hair nice and smelled like lemons. The sample size I thought would run out fast but I've been using it since I got the box and I am now down to having one use left! The "Medusa" Deep Conditioner ran out faster than the shampoo, but it's always like that with any combo I use. I have shoulder length, thick, wavy and dry hair type. I recently cut it a bit shorter too. Anyway, the Deep Conditioner smelled like lemons and blueberries. and it kept my hair moisturized. That's one thing I always look for in a Deep Conditioner! I always need that factor cause of my hair being the way it is. 

And lastly there is the "Athena" Body Butter. On their site it is called "Colorado Gold". This was scented like peaches and cream. I used it on my hands and feet and it was sucked up right away. I feel like this product could replace some that I already have. It's not greasy or foul smelling like some butters can get. I like how it helps my skin feel really soft and not dry. Totally need that going into the Fall and Winter months!

Altitude Soap Co. is owned by a woman named Brooke. I've known her for some time now through FB Groups and FB itself. She's just a really awesome person in general. Friendly, fun and fierce! Her company seems to be doing well with lots of fans. She communicates well and tells her customers what's going on all the time. I don't see any room for improvement, it's all right there even down to the awesome packaging. I mean it! It's my favorite packaging I've seen in a while.

I've been wanting to try out her stuff for a while but just hadn't got around to it yet. Then my sister offered to buy me this box as my birthday gift. I was stoked! I was so excited when it came and I was not disappointed! I am getting her September Box. It's on it's way now! She has 2 other boxes up for Pre-Order right now, so go grab them!


DO THEY HAVE A FB?: Click Here!


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  1. Great review of Altitude! I didn't get the Big Fat Greek Soap Box, but now I kinds wish I had ordered it! The shampoo/conditioner combo sounds amazing!

    1. It was a good box! Very happy I got it and got my first taste of their products.
      It was amazing! I kept thinking the shapoo would be gone quick due to the size and it just kept chugging along!

  2. I got one and loved it all . The wax tart is amazing can still smell the cinnamon . Great review..,

    1. Glad you liked the box! Thank you I appreciate it!