House of Usher Wax Museum Advent Calendar Days 1-5

House of Usher Wax Museum and First Sunday Handmade teamed up to bring people this AWESOME Advent Calendar. Jana made the hanging pouches with the numbers and Brooke provided Scent Shots with a list as a guide as to what scent went into each pocket. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my Mom would always get us Advent Calendar's with a chocolate behind each door. This is like the fun "grown up" version of that. It brings back memories so I think that's why I like it so much! Plus I love me some good wax!

This is how I go about using the wax, if it is a scent I like, I'll melt it for a few days. If I know I don't like the scent, I put it aside to give to someone I know will like it. In theory you should/could melt one of these each day, but I mostly melt in my small room so the scents tend to linger longer. Plus Brooke's wax is super scented, I swear! It's for powerful and long lasting.

This is how I'm going to roll with this post/overview: I will do one every 5 days til it is gone! I'll tell you what the scents are (their notes), my thoughts on the scent, etc. Remember smell is a subjective thing, what I like, and what you like may differ. That still never changes the quality though!

Example of the scent shots:

Day 1: "Santa's Red Coat"
Notes: Zesty Citrus, Peppery warmth, brandied cherries, amber,congnac and Rye Whiskey.
Thoughts: MMM what a start! First it smelled like cherry, REAL cherry, not that fake kind that I hate. As it burned more of the boozy parts came to life along with the 'warmth'. Sadly the second day I was melting this I had to stop because it just seemed like the booze was the only thing I could smell and started getting a headache.

Day 2: "The F---- Word"
Notes: Gooey Chocolate Fudge  with almonds and coffee.
I knew right away the scent was just not for me. I just really don't like coffee at all. The scent always makes me feel nauseated when I have to make a cup for a family member. I know it will end up in an RAOK in the future!

Day 3: "Unbridled Advice"
Notes:  Cornbread, honey, blueberries.
Thoughts: On cold sniff I was iffy about it. But I thought I'd give it a chance since there was a cornbread note and I ended up liking that in other things so maybe melting it would make it come out more. I burned it for 1 night. It really wasn't my thing, but I'll most likely try it out downstairs in the living room since it is bigger and able to spread out.

Day 4: "Stupid Pole"
Notes: Peppermint stick and whipped cream.
Thoughts: This is my favorite of the week! So simple but so amazing. I still have it going today as I am writing this enjoying the smell all curled up in my fuzzy robe. It truly made me think "Wow it actually is the Holidays!" cause Shhh, we didn't have snow yet and I'd REALLY like to keep it that way!

Day 5: "Red Ryder"
Notes: HOT Cinnamon.
Thoughts: Smells just like Atomic Fireball candies. I really dislike hot/spicy scents especially cinnamon and clove. If you like that kinda thing, you can reminisce via wax! I gave it to my Mama cause I knew she'd love it!

Now you may have read that and thought about how I didn't like some of them. That doesn't mean they are bad scents! Just means it's not my thing. There are 20 days left, there are bound to be more I like! Plus this caters to all people with such a variety of tastes!

House Of Usher Wax Museum has a TON of stuff going on right now! She has a "Once Upon A Time" collection, a collab Box on Pre-Order with Potion Dust, Christmas scents, Wax in  Tin makes a great Christmas Gift, and MORE. You need to check her out if you haven't already!



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  1. that looks like such an awesome idea for an Advent calendar!! Love to read your thoughts on it, too :)

    xoxo, <3

    1. Aww thank you! I thought it was so original when she brought up the idea! and you can save the calendar and use it next year and just order fill ups! I smelled today's and it's awesome but I am having sinus issues so I'm keeping the peppermint in a bit longer! Love ya!