Top 10 Songs of 2015

This was my first type of post EVER last year on New Years Eve! So of course I HAD to do one this year. There have been tons of great songs, but I always found myself circling back to some of the same ones constantly! Remember this is MY Top 10! The songs I loved this year!

1. Shawn Mendes-Stiches

This is the song I've had stuck in my head ever since I first heard it. Been listening to it for at least half of the year. It's so infectious an also well written. After hearing it I went to check out the rest of Shawn's album on Spotify and it was so freaking good.

2. Meghan Trainor-Dear Future Husband

Yet another fun and addictive Pop song. It's quirky with a beat that makes you just move around. The lyrics  are clever, I don't care what people say that they take woman back many years of work...people get uptight about the STUPIDEST things these days. Just stop being stupid and HAVE FUN.

3. Little Big Town-Girl Crush

One of if not the most beautiful songs to emerge this year. The harmonies, the vocals, all stunning! I hated the whole controversy in Country Radio of them not playing it at first for those that obviously didn't pay attention to the lyrics and actually LISTEN. They thought it supported the gays, so they were on a witch hunt...which shouldn't be in the first place. It's about a woman wanting to see what she doesn't have to make her man love her.

4. Maroon 5-Sugar

One of the coolest video concepts this year. The song was just another fun pop song that always makes me smile. Who could resist Adam Levine's vocals? NO ONE THAT'S WHO.

5. Walk The Moon-Shut Up & Dance

Yup, another fun Pop song! I have been drawn to songs this year that make me feel happier and this fits the bill. C'mon you KNOW it makes you happy too!

6. Andy Grammer-Honey, I'm Good

Another cool video concept using fans! I've liked Andy's music before this. He's really talented. There is something though with this song, it makes you smile instantly and feel good all over!

7. Charles Kelley Ft. Dierks Bentley&Eric Pasly-The Driver

I've already been through my love of him in my Fangirling 101 post. But this song is just SO beautiful and relateable. They take the aspects of touring from 3 points of view, artists, fans, and driver. It captures it all so perfectly. Other good news? The song is nominated for a Grammy!

8. Gwen Stefani-Used To Love You

This came out later in the year but it's still amazing. You can feel the raw emotion in every sense. Plus it's Gwen, and she's kinda a big deal! Well to me at lest.

9. Wiz Khalifa Ft. Charlie Puth-See You Again

A great tribute to Paul Walker. It is just an awesome song and the chours hooks you.

10. Rachel Platten-Fight Song

Another powerful song that everyone seemed to use as their theme song this year and rightfully so. I can't wait to hear more from her.

Honorable Mentions:

Nick Jonas-Levels

There is just something so damn sexy about it.


It's just so freaking pretty. The vocals melt me.


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  1. great songs!
    I liked Dear Future Husband, too! I think it's supposed to be more tongue in cheek, so I disagree that it sets us back. It's a cute song and fun to listen to

  2. It's so good to her that! When it hit it's eak I heard so many negative comments that made me a bit angry!