The Youtubes: Leighannsays

"The Youtubes" is going to be a part of my blog that recommends youtubers I enjoy watching and hope that you will too! The first youtuber I am going to feature is Leighannsays.

Leighann is a Beauty youtuber from Texas. She's fun to watch and is honest in her feelings on the products she reviews. What I like about her beauty wise is she does a lot of Drugstore hauls and looks, reccomending what is best. Sure she has a spot in her heart for higher end products, but she's the one in my feed the most that does things that are drugstore related. For example here is her latest video "BIG What's New in the Drugstore Makeup Haul + Review!"

She's sweet, charming and relatable . Part of you kinda wishes she were your neighbor so you could expand your horizons with her "Favorites+UNfavorites" my favorite series she does which includes much more than just beauty. Sure I may have never heard of a band or podcasts she's mentioned but it's now in my memory bank and I've learned something.

My favorite video she did in 2014 was her Halloween costume of Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers. It was flawless.

And another favorite from last year was her video "Garage Sale for Lupus Foundation of America!". It's all about taking a project you dream of doing for a cause you care about and going through with it. It may be tough to do, but you CAN do it!

So I hope you really like her as much as I do and subscribe to her!


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