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Truth time around here at Sno Cones and Glitter: I've been pretty depressed lately. More so even this week due to personal issues in my life. But there are a group of ladies I go to online to have fun with and chat about everything from Soap to real life struggles. Some are soap makers, others just normal soap lovers like me. While we witness a lot of women just tearing each other down, we try our best to do the opposite and lift each other up. I thought I'd do something positive for the makers in the group since a lot of them have sales, restocks, seasonal items going on RIGHT NOW! Follow the cut to see some links and events these ladies have going on right meow!

WHAT: Pick Your Poison (PYP) on Juicy Tarts and Brew #2! From Oct.9-12-This event consists of you choosing your own scent for those 2 products!

Mystery Bundles are also and awesome thing! You can order them up to the Oct. 16th.--Mystery Bundles are boxes filled with various surprises from the scent category of your choice! There are 2 options, a smaller one and a larger one.

She has her first ever box coming out! Inspired by "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" it is dubbed "The Late Night Double Feature" Box. New scents are included in FULL SIZED products! You have until the 16th to Pre-order these bad boys! Check out the website for more details.

Every month she does a "Mani Of The Month" bag featuring stuff to pamper yourself with in mani/pedi form! They happen every month and are no reoccurring in payment and shipping. Each is $25 plus shipping.

WHAT: Sucreabeille is your one stop shop for anything horror related throughout the year! But now is her favorite time!!  There are multiple horror themes to pick from with unique scents! My personal favorites from her shop are her Soaps, Hai Oil and her blend called "Calm The Fuck Down".
SPECIAL: Want to save yourself 13% this month on your purchase there? Use code ROCKTOBER

WHAT: They offer variety of products from Skin care to scrubs to really cool novelty Star Wars soaps! I promise, you will find at least one thing you will love!
SPECIAL: HALLOWELFIE15 us that code to save 15% off your order!

WHAT: They have a lot going on but most ends this weekend! Seems like all her Stephen King "King Of Horror" boxes are still up for Pre-Order! 4 diff boxes for 4 different scent categories.
SPECIAL: POTION10 can be used at checkout for 10% off!

WHAT: NEXT week will be her re-stock but no set date has been set. Products available in this re-stock include: Cold Process Soap Back stock, Sugar Scrubs, and Fall and Halloween Wax. New products will include : perfume rollers and whipped soap. There also may be a wax sampler or two if she finds the time. I highly recommend her scrub and wax. They are scented thoughtfully and beautifully. 

WHAT: She has Scream Queens and Thanksgiving Bakery boxes on sale for Pre-order. Her boxes are a GREAT way to take a dive into her company. Great products and scents.

WHAT: Halloween Boxes are shipping on the 15th and she is working on an Alice In Wonderland Wax Collection that will hopefully be available soon to pre-order. Her wax is awesome! Don't pass it up!

WHAT: There is a new re-stock this week featuring new scents!  Join her FB Group to get a code for this weekend on certain items! I highly recommend the Whipped Shampoo and Deep Conditioner.

WHO: Creekside Naturals
WHAT: It's been a long time coming but they are opening up with a sampler box. There will be 6 items included. One being their tub truffles, and another will be a secret item. The cost is $25 including shipping.

A big thing they are working on is for Black Friday and will be gift sets! For the liddles, approved by her liddles! (kids/grandkids). There will be a Dude Box as well so your man can stay fresh and clean as well!.

Another thing that will be made available is their blend of teas including  Stress relief one to help you sleep and dream of sugar plumb faries!

Keep checking their Facebook for news and sneak peeks! Interested in seeing a review of her products? Katie From Royalty Soaps posted one around this time last year so take a look! I do not have any personal experiences with Cindee's products but I can't wait to try! Her soap looks awesome!

Hope you all enjoy that and spend a little $$$$ on yourselves! These women are great women, they are supportive of each other and others. Hope the other gals out there in blogland understand what it's like to always have someones back <3 And to my fellow non makers in the group, I do cherish our friendships as well! I'm always there! If you want to do a guest post, that could be fun too!


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  1. Nice -- thank you for the mention! But my Stephen King items are not new at all -- I've *always* had them in my shop. ;)

    1. Oops! My bad! I'll correct that.

    2. It is now corrected! I jut added what my favorite products where :)