What to Watch: Sex Sent Me To The ER

I couldn't find a trailer for the show, but if you look it up on youtube, you'll find plenty of clips from the series. "Sex Sent Me To The ER" is a show that airs on the TLC network and DISCOVERY LIFE (formerly Discovery Fit&Health). What usually happens is they will air on TLC first then Discovery Life will say "new to this channel" and basically show the ones you've seen on TLC. Currently the show airs at 10PM EST on Saturdays.

"Sex Sent Me To The ER" is a show that features couples awkwardly telling you about their sex mishaps. In there you get an interview with the couple (most the time some don't), Interviews/explanations from Doctors (sometimes their point of view/story when the couple is not telling it), and the weirdest, funniest, dramatizations out there. Seriously they are so cheesy with placement of blocking privates, and all the items in the room shaking like they are about to fall off a shelf. They also cast for actors that look as closely to the real people as possible. It's fun to watch and point out differences or how close to look to one another. Just commenting on the little things you notice in the show, etc.

I laugh so hard at this show and find it ridiculously enjoyable. Cause if these people can come forward with these bizarre and strange stories and have a sense of humor about themselves, that's kinda awesome to have that confidence.

I know this was short and sweet but I hope you got a small taste for what the show is like and check it out.


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