Charm Attack! Jewelry

PICTURED: Gummi Bear Stud Earrings, Chocolate Covered Strawberry Stud Earrings.

This is a different sort of thing for me to be showing you, but I love them and thought you might like them as well!

Charm Attack Jewelry is owned by Ashlee Hicks who is awesome and wickedly talented! Yes those puppies up above are  handmade! She uses polymer clay and crafts all sorts of things! Mostly she does "charms" hence the store name. She makes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, journals, and also custom pieces! My mind just can't fathom HOW she does it! Everything is just so tiny and intricate. It takes lots of creativity and talent to do it. Some of her most popular items are recreations of peoples favorite bath and beauty products! Like LUSH bubble bars, fortune cookie soaps, Royalty Soaps, etc.

I paid $7.50 for the Gummi Bears including shipping. She tossed in the strawberries as a gift from one friend to the other, and honestly that touched my heart so much, I even cried a little. Made my day so much better! So I'm proud to say I have a really awesome friend!

Y'all should really check out her Facebook: Click Here!

She doesn't have a store yet but you can message her on FB and work something out! The prices are reasonable and you get a great product!

Also check her out on Instagram!: Click Here!


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