The Youtubes: Breann Kunkle

Breann is also a new friend I have met through soap groups just like Joyce. She is pretty new to making videos but is learning fast the ins and outs of it all. She does first impressions and reviews on various indie bath and body companies and sometimes demos of products. She does a great job in the area of scent description and is pretty much on point with it. Sometimes she'll have her boyfriend's feedback as well, which is refreshing to get the male perspective on it. She might not have the fancy lights or camera like all the big youtubers, but the quality of her content is amazing. I put that at a higher value than boring glitz any day.

Like I said I'd suggest for Joyce, I suggest for Breann too, maybe just getting a banner up and a channel trailer, just a small formality to give the channel an all around cleaner look. Also sometimes I feel like she's not looking right at the camera, that maybe she's looking at something else in the room, which makes me personally feel un-centered or even maybe the camera is off center. That's just my personal feeling when you see a picture on your wall at home and it's moved just a smidge, I get a little tense in that situation!

She has so much potential! I fully want to support her on her youtube adventures! She just really has a great knack for knowing what to say and not to say so that others can fully understand the products scents, uses, etc.



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  1. I just love Bre to pieces! She doesn't need all the glam and glitz that some of the other beauty gurus have... she sparkles all on her own! I agree with you about her being so down to earth and saying things just the right way. I don't know where she picked up her knack for it, but I need to find that out and buy a little for myself (and a few others I know LOL)

    1. Yeah it just feels so natural coming from her! I deff do not have that trait!