Smell Ya Later!: Ambrosiac Bodyworks Review

Pictured: PotSlickers Lip Balm in "Caramel", "Popped Cherry Fizz" Scrubby Soapffle, The Pete Bar, Mani Bombs in "Sleep Sheep". Extras: A Clay Mask Sample, Lindt Truffle in Chocolate/Orange and a sample mini soap.

It has been a bit over a month since I gave you a firstlook at Ambrosiac Bodyworks and now it's time I gave you  more in depth review of their wonderful products I have purchased!

My notes from the PotSlickers still stands! I liked the new form of using a lip balm. The packaging was new and super cute to me. The formula glided on nicely, wasn't messy and helped my lips feel less dry. Helped that I really enjoyed the scent as well. Silly me has currently lost it though. But that happens to everyone with any lip product I think. I know I'll find it when I least expect to. I will most likely order another to have one on hand. I have already purchased one in a new flavor, "Cotton Candy" but I am saving it as a gift for someone. I am very tempted to open it though!

The mani bombs were a surprising treat! I never really thought about doing a mani soak til I saw this product. The scent I have is "Sleep Sheep" but I have purchased more since in "Crystal Menthe". I have only used "Sleep Sheep" so far though. It was such a relaxing experience. I filled my sink up with hot water and placed all of the broken one in. I tried to just pour half but klumsy me got water in the bag so I just dumped the whole thing in. I sat there with my hands in the sink for about ten minutes. The scent of lavender just relaxed my whole body as I breathed in and I could notice my hands feeling softer. When done  I dried them off with a towel and the skin was just so so soft along with my nails feeling clean and refreshed. I know, nails? Refreshed? What is this magic?

The Pete Bar is this company's staple I firmly believe. It's everything that this company values, finding solutions to problems that exist. Last time I told you I was starting to use the option with Tea Tree Oil as a face soap and had cut it into 6 slices. I am STILL on slice number one. It lasts a long time and I really feel like I am getting great use out of it. My skin is stubborn, but the Pete Bar calms it down for the most part. Does it make my skin perfect? No. I still have spots that are always going to have issues from stress. But for the rest of my face? It helps it stay in check and I've noticed it to be a bit..brighter!

The last product is my favorite and new "must always have on hand"! The "Scrubby Soapffle" is something I think everyone can fall in love with. I have it in "Popped Cherry Fizz" and have repurchased it in "Wonderstruck" and a "Juicy Couture" Dupe. Used as a shampoo I apply a few plops to my wet hair, then wet my head again a tiny bit and lather it up nicely. You can feel the small bits rub your scalp and help it in a massaging kind of way. I like it as a shampoo! It's fun, different and helps your hair shine. It's fun as a body wash as well. Just plop some on your poof and rub it all over and become one with the scent! Yes, that is corny. You'll love the scent flow and how clean you feel afterwards.

What advice would I give to the owner as a customer? Whatever system you have in place keep going at it. Don't change up your routine because you have something that works. That's not me trying to kiss ass or anything, it's the truth. If you keep putting thought into things, only good things will come.

Since I last posted about Ambrosiac Bodyworks they have added a TON of new products! They have added: Lip Balm, Solid Sugar Scrub, YoGoat Lotion, Balance Clay Mask, and more. So you should really check them out!

Here is a picture of my last "haul" from them.
Pictured: Juicy Couture Scrubby Soapffle, Wonderstruck Scrubby Soapffle, Cotton Candy PotSlickers, Earl Of Lemongrab Foaming Body Polish, Balance Clay Mask (sample)




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