Smell Ya Later!: Firstlook: Potion Dust

PICTURED: Whipped Soap in the scent "Giggle Beans", Magic Mist in the scent "Peep Poo", Sample of It's The Poo Shampoo Bar in "Yummy". Samples included: Whipped Soap in "Gimmie Candy" and Head to Toe Lotion in "Lipstick".

This is how my Box arrived:
Of course it pissed me off. It has nothing to do with the company. Its the USPS. Like HOW does this happen??! Was someone playing soccer with my smelly delights. I was not impressed.

Anyway on to the goodness that is products! Remember this is just a first look at these. Full Reviews of some products will most likely be posted approximately a month from now.

Potion Dust is a small indie Bath and Body company owned by a lovely lady named Jennifer Olsen. She offers a variety of products and her scent Library is growing like crazy! I bought items from her Spring Collection. She DOES offer Boxes if you like to try out new products that way. Her theme that just launched was "Unsinkable Tribute Collection" which pays a nod to the Titanic. Not sure if there are any still available. I've been wanting to try this company for a while after seeing Jennifer in various soap groups and seeing how kind and awesome she is! She takes time to listen to her customers, and communicates well with them.

My favorite product I bought is The Magic Mist in "Peep Poo". Her son named the scent! How cute! I am ALL about the Peeps. Small fact; I collect Peeps Items. Magic Mist is a body spray and can be used on cloth such as pillowcases and sheets. I sprayed my pillow for tonight so hopefully I'll have sweet dreams. It's the perfect Marshmallow scent with a touch of sugar that peeps are always coated in. I know I'll be getting much use from this product. I will come back at a later time and tell you how it works as a Body Mist and on cloths.

Next is It's The Poo bar in "Yummy". The scent to me is a bit earthy and  has a background of berries. It's supposedly a dupe for a Lush Scent. I'm not the biggest Lush fan but the scent is ok. To use you just wet your hair, rub it on your head and work up a nice lather. I'm excited to see if it agrees with my hair type. The site says best for Oily Hair types but I know Jennifer is curious to see how it works on other types. I only got a sample but it's BIG for a sample! See for yourself! A side view:

The last of the products I bought is Whipped Soap in "Giggle Beans". I'll be flat out honest with you, I do not like the scent at all. I can sense a grape maybe but there I something "smokey" or "hot" about the scent that just seems to overpower it for me. I'm sad about it because I've heard nothing but great things about her Whipped Soap, but I'm not going to dip my fingers in and ruin it for someone else that might enjoy the scent. It looks really pretty though with it's purple color and 3 Easter egg sprinkles on top. She puts a lot of care and creativity into her products that is for sure! I will though in the future purchase another Whipped Soap in a scent I am more so to maybe like.

See how cute that is!:

I received two tiny samples in product cups labeled and in really cute plastic bunny bags. The one was a Whipped Soap sample in "Gimmie Candy" which I've heard about and was interested in because people were saying they loved it..sadly I did not enjoy the scent. It is the same problem I had with "Giggle Beans", a "smokey" or "hot" scent was in there as well. My other sample was in another scent I was excited to try "LipStick"...and I LOVED IT!! It was sweet like cherries! The actual product was her "Head To Toe" Lotion. It applied nicely on my hands and wasn't greasy at all, one of the main factors I look for in a lotion. 

So my bottom line on Potion Dust is, great company, so much care and creativity in everything. Good TAT as well. She hits the spot on most her marks. As with any company though it will be a trial and error for yourself to decide what scents you like and what you don't.  If as of right now I'd recommend the Magic Mist the most. Secod would be a full size of Head To Toe Lotion!

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