5 Things To Do BEFORE You Paint Your Nails

I'm no expert but I have learned a thing or two about nail care and painting. Here are 5 easy tips on what to do before you start painting your nails.

1. Be prepared. Get out everything.
      You know what you want, or at least you think you do. Get out any colors you possibly want, along with top coats and base coats. Planning a shiny glossy look? Get out that matte Top coat anyway. You never know if you'll change your mind in between. Any tools you use? Get them out. You'll only regret and have yourself to blame if you change your mind once you sit down. Plus if your nails are wet, it's a bitch to go digging through drawers or boxes trying to find the perfect thing.

2. Go to the bathroom. I'm dead serious.
       Don't even lie to me. You KNOW this has happened to you. You get your nails looking to what you deem as perfection and your bladder has another story for you. You really don't want to screw up your nails or even get toilet paper stuck to them. Gross!

3. Pamper those naked nails.
    This step is optional, but I swear you'll thank yourself for doing it. Do a mani soak! Sitting there with your hands in a basin or sink just helps to soften your hands and just clean the nails. I haven't done this til more recently and I find it such a relaxing thing to do! After a good nice soak try a scrub of your choice for your hands. That will get off any dead skin and make your hands feel like a baby's bottom. Also on days where you have naked nails use a cuticle oil or butter to nourish the cuticles. Heck even apply before taking a nail selfie for some extra shine.

4.  Make sure you have remover.
       This is a mistake I've made a handful of times...and it sucks. There is nothing worse then thinking you actually have it when you don't. I've gone to make so many mistakes or just screw up during the drying process. You get fed up and want to either start over or give up but alas, no way to fix the problem asap. It never hurts to have a backup. NEVER.

5.  Nothing too distracting. Make it a comfortable and relaxing experience.
     Make sure you have a movie, music playlist or tv show ready to go before you start. I'm not that into doing nail art, just simple color. So I don't have to concentrate that hard when it comes to painting. I just use it as a kick up my heels type of experience but if you are trying to do a meticulous design I'd skip anything that could be too distracting. Plus trying to type or navigate a remote with wet nails can lead to a "MAN DOWN!" situation quickly.


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