Mani's of '15: #7

Mani number 7 is Sinful Colors "Cinderella". That's the perfect name for this color because I can see it as the color of her dress. A light blue with a sparkling sheen. Not to mention Cinderella is my favorite of the Disney Princesses! I really want to go see the new live action one that is coming out. The color looks more like a mint green in the picture but in real life it looks blue, I swear! I received this polish from a giveaway I had won.

Application was a bitch..but that was outside factors. I was done my first hand, then I heard my poor cat getting sick and had to clean up after him trying my best to not mess up my hand and just use the other. It was a bit of a disaster but only came out with two nails messed up that had to be redone. At this point I was just over it all. I did my second hand and I thought it was dry enough...but I was wrong so I messed up a few there, but I didn't even give a shit. Tried to fix as best as I could but oh well!

Next time I'd use three coats. Someone suggested using another blue as a base. That sounds like it could be a good fix and make it pop!  I know I'll use it again because I adore the color it's so pretty. You just have to be patient and wait with it. All factors I am horrible at!


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