Smell Ya Later!: Firstlook: Ambrosiac Bodyworks

Pictured: PotSlickers Lip Balm in "Caramel", "Popped Cherry Fizz" Scrubby Soapffle, The Pete Bar, Mani Bombs in "Sleep Sheep". Extras: A Clay Mask Sample, Lindt Truffle in Chocolate/Orange and a sample mini soap.

When I first opened my package I was so excited! I used the Potslicker lip Balm asap Taste wonderful and a nice light scent. The direction say to apply with finger or lip brush. I found it easier to slide the top down a little and apply it right to my lips from the container. I have nothing to worry about because I'm not sharing it with anyone! 

Next I opened up my Mani Bombs. One was crushed, and I got a flower and a square one. I have no problem with the one being crushed. Realistically I think that about any sort of bomb, they just break easily and you'll be cracking them in half most likely anyway. Though the Flower was super cute and the square just seems practical.

The Pete Bar is loaded with all sorts of goodness. I got mine with Tea Tree Oil and she does offer an option to get it without. It also has honey, oats and goats milk. I ended up slicing it into 6 slices to make life easier. I knew I wanted to try this on my face. I actually did so tonight. I took a slice into the shower with me, rubbed my face down with it to get a small lather going then used my Clensure Face Brush to get it in there even more an it lathered more as well. I will have to come back with a final verdict to see if it helps my face out.

And the Cherry on top I was most excited to receive was the "Popped Cherry Fizz" Scrubby Soapffle. It has 2 uses, you can use it on your body or as a shampoo. I know crazy huh? I tried out both options tonight. I loved the scent cause I love Cherry scents, but I noticed I like it more when applied than just sniffing in the jar. For some reason it just smells better to me that way. I will come back at a later time to tell you how it preformed as a shampoo and body wash after a while of using it. My hair is still wet so don't really know how it was as a shampoo yet. It also helps that well...we ran out of Shampoo at my house!

Ambrosiac Bodyworks is owned by a lovely woman named Donna Sloan. This is part of my adventure out into the big bad world of indies. I've gotten to know Donna a bit through Face Book and I know she puts love and careful thought into everything she makes. She knows all what's good for the skin and what natural things to use and do. Very knowledgeable. This is just my first look into these products and she knows I'll be honest with her after trying them.  If I don't like something, I will tell someone and give constructive feedback. I always give that promise to everyone when I buy their products and I dive deeper into the world of Indie makers.

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