What To Watch: RuPaul's Drag Race

I can't believe the show is back for it's 7th season! Holy crap! I've watched the show since season 1 when it was very low production wise. To see it become this world wide phenomenon has been nothing but pure joy. I look forward to every new year to have my antidotes from Mama Ru, because face it, she is one of a kind. Her sense of humor and one lines can slay any shady bitch out there!

For those that live under  rock, "RuPaul's Drag Race" is an original reality competition on the Logo Network where Drag Queens battle it out for the title "Next Drag Superstar", a year supply of cosmetics, and a cash prize. In the first few seasons the prize money was lower than compared to the past few years where the grand total has been $100,000! They compete in various Challenges each episode. Some involve acting, singing, dancing, sewing, pretty much all the necessities they hold in their back pockets. After the challenges they must do a  "runway" usually inspired by that days challenge. A panel of regular judges plus 1 or 2 Guest judges are there to comment and help Ru make a decision. Someone becomes a winner of the week and then the Bottom 2 duke it out in a battle to "Lip Sync For Your Life!" Someone Shasay's away and Shante someone stays! This happen til the contestant pool i thinned out to 3 or 4 Queens. Then in a live ceremony a winner is crowned!

The show airs Monday nights at 9pm EST on Logo. You can also catch up online on the Logo website or app. You don't want to miss all the catty drama. I imagine it's how all the Lobster's in the tank at the store feel. Who's the best juiciest one? Give the show at lest one chance, you might fall in love with it! I love following Queens from past season online and seeing what their careers have been like since the show.

*Photo thanks to The RuPaul's Drag Race Official FB


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