Mixology 101: Pretty Little Liars

Welcome to a new segment to my blog! I'm calling it "Mixology 101" for lack of anything else. (Thanks for the suggestion Donna!) 

We all know about those subscription boxes that happen with different companies. They usually contain a  theme of some sort and in our heads we think "Man, if I got to make my own box and theme it would be ____." So that's where I step in and take my love of things bath and beauty and combine it with themes I personally love and come up with an "imaginary" box that I think would be rad. This includes scents, and product suggestions for each. I think this could be fun and encourage other bloggers to try and do the same if they feel like it!

First up is the TV love of my life, "Pretty Little Liars". The show airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on ABC Family. It's chock full of mystery, romance, badassness, and more mystery that just frustrates you to the core! I know, why keep watching. Many fans have asked themselves that.

So here we go with the first round of Mixology 101!

"Aria Montgomery": a sweet blend of candied grape with the even sweeter cotton Candy.
     This product would be the Body Butter of the group. Rich, creamy and a delight on rough spots.

"Hanna Marin": A mix of two fresh fruits strawberries and bananas, topped with fresh whipped cream.
      A Lip Tint would be  the best product for this scent, and would taste like a dream!

"Emily Feilds": Sweet floral's from the islands as smelled through a gusty tropical breeze filled with the scent of the sea with a small squeeze of Blood Orange to top it.
     De-tangler/Leave in Conditioner. I can just imaging this scent going on my locks!

"Spencer Hastings": She's a mysterious girl. Starts out with crisp fresh red apple, a subtle mint lingers as you then pick up a soft musk.
       Hand sanitizer in this would be nice to tote in your purse.

"Alison DiLaurentis": She's a bitch you love to hate, or not depending on the week. Pucker up for this citrus blast of lemon, oranges, and limes. It tries to turn sweet again with some vanilla bean in there.
        A delightful fluffy and airy Whipped Soap would be my choice for this.

"The Boyfriend Squad" (Caleb, Ezra, Toby): The will do anything in their power to keep their girls safe. Like dewy grass and ozone, it's refreshing and not over the top manly.
         A relaxing and revitalizing salt soak would be perfect in this scent.

"-A": Red hot cinnamon candy with kiwi. You'll get burned at any point playing with -A

           A small perfume oil bottle.



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