Mixology 101: Facts Of Life

I'm back again with "Mixology 101". This time I have a TV show that's not recent and one I am pretty dang sure no one would ever think about doing a box on! It's the 80's TV show "Facts of Life" and I love it! They've been playing it on the TV Channel Logo lately and I get hooked to the screen and have no clue why. I really wish Netflix streamed it so I could watch it beginning to end. It's just really good sitcom to me. Heck this is were George Clooney got his start!

For the younger readers out there here is the summery from IMDB:
A group of girls attending a boarding school experience the joys and the trials of adolescence under the guiding hand of housemother Edna Garrett. Later in the series, Mrs. Garrett is promoted to school dietitian, and four of the girls move into new quarters above the cafeteria. Eventually she leaves the school and opens her own business, with help from her girls.
And now on to the scents and products I'd include!

"Girls! Girls!": This is what dear old Mrs. Garrett would always be saying to get their attention. Her cooking really could get anyone's attention. The smell of a cup of tea accompanied by a fresh buttery croissant.
       I'd offer this in a Lip Butter, not a balm but butter!

"Tootie": Youthful bubblegum freshly popped, with strawberries and cream.

        A cold processed soap with all the beautiful swirls of red and pink.

"Jo": Leather like her motorcycle jacket, with the crisp air from a long ride.
        A spray-able air freshener to use anywhere! But try it out in your car!

"Blair": She dramatic but has a big heart. Scent of a fresh rose garden with a little brown sugar to sweeten it up.

        A wax tart in the shape of a flower? Yes please! Imagine it filling up your living room with delight!

"Natalie": Always working hard at the school newspaper a girl needs a snack break. Dark Chocolate with almonds to help any sweet tooth.

        A facial mask of some sort with coco powder and ground up almonds in it! Plus, you know all the face loving goodies that I DON'T know that go into one!

"Cousin Geri": Her handicaps never got in her way and made for gentle moments on the show. Sparkling Vanilla with a touch of Plumeria for an unexpected winner!

       Hydrating body spray to make the skin feel quenched.

"George": He's the plumber, but he doesn't always have to smell like one! A strong musk with undertones of roasted coconut to make it a little unisex in fragrance.
       A dense fluffed soap that can be used for shaving.

"Molly Ringwold?": What?! A Brat Packer was in this show? YES but only 15 episodes. A surprising scent of Peanut butter, Caramel, poured over the creamiest vanilla gelato.

      A lip scrub that will have you licking your lips for days!


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