Mani's of '15: #13

This is the 13th Mani of '15. It was a dream and a total nightmare all in one. It's China Glaze nail Appliques in "Kickin' Up My Kilt". Just look at how beautiful they are! I loved them. They were the easiest Nail sticker type product I ever put on. I applied them, put on a top coat and capped the free edge. This was done night before last. When I woke up though it was another story sadly. I found at least 3 stuck to my body and the ones left on my hands mostly curled up or falling off. I was so mad! I ended up pulling the rest off because it looked horrible and were sticking to fabrics. I'd give them one more chance just to make sure it wasn't just me and error. I really expected more from you China Glaze!


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