Smell Ya Later!: Itty Bitty Bubbles&Company Review

PICTURED: Shower Steamers in various scents.

Laura from Itty Bitty Bubbles&Company have been communication on facebook for over few months now. She sent the above to me as an RAOK (Random Act Of Kindness) when she saw I seemed to be having a crappy time of things. I was so surprised when I got the package in the mail. I was SO excited! It just made me so happy that someone would think of me and do something so nice. I was excited to try a new to me company and to be able to take time and review these for others that might be curious. Just because they were free for me, doesn't mean I won't be honest in this review!

To start off let's not start with the items and start off with the company itself. Itty Bitty Bubbles&Company is owned by Laura (I think her hubs too, again correct me if wrong.) and you can tell right away when you go to their page they are family friendly and geared toward children as well. I kinda love that about them! Makes things bright, and colorful. There are so many shops where they aren't directly marketed to children even though the products are child safe. She created a good niche for herself to fall into. The scent names are always after childhood things, the new cartoons and some old nostalgia ones for their parents. 

The first product I ever heard about from them are their Bubble cups and have seen a few pix of them in action. HUGE amount of bubbles! I don't have a tub so sadly I can't experience awesome things like that.  But as I look further they do have a bunch of OTHER products one can try out! I'm looking forward to when I can!

Onto the shower steamers. If you bought them they are $4.00 each. They are HUGE! They are about an inch to an inch and a half thick, and about 2 inches across the top. They give off a strong powerful scent and do not lack in that department. You HAVE to though be careful about staining your tub or shower. I have a white shower and now have a nice ol purple ring I can't get rid of. 

You can use it whole, or do what I did and take a mallet while it's in the bag and whack it to pieces. Then you have multiple shower uses. I've done both and ended up liking using it whole.

When it came to use I tried 2 different methods. One was a glass ashtray in the back of the shower with a chunk in it. At the time it seemed like a good idea but it ended up being messier that I imagined. The color just ran UNDER the mat and had to be lifted and cleaned.

It's better just to put it directly on your shower mat. Then it seems the color washes off much better.

What would I suggest as a consumer? Maybe making a dye free alternative. I know colors are awesome, I love them! and they attract a kids attention but an option for non dyed ones would just be fab for older costumers. I don't really have any other advice than that. She seems to have everything done and down the way she likes it. And can I just randomly mention how CUTE her logo is??!

Would I buy these again? YES! It's hard for a tub-less girl to find a good steamer! I also can't wait til I can try other things from her company :)

DO THEY HAVE AN FB?: Click Here!



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