Repeat Offender: Potion Dust Fantasy Creatures Box

PICTURED: Goats Milk Oatmeal Soap "The Elf", Lip Frosting "Leprechaun", Squeeze Lotion "The Nymph", Foamy Salt Pedi Scrub "The Pixie", Soy Wax "The Changeling", Perfume "The Mermaid", Whipped Soap "The Faery".

"Repeat Offenders" is going to be a new thing I will be doing! It will be products from companies I have had the pleasure of using before and feature new products by them. Some I will review, some I will just tell you about.

First up is a box by Potion Dust called "Fantasy Creatures." She did this as her end of April/May Box. I did not get her first one but am so happy I got this one! There are none left of this one but you can buy the full size products on her site from this collection! (Psst She also now has her Wildwood Collection that's up for grabs!)

First thing to know about Jenn and her boxes is that no matter what theme she does, she always adds a little bit of History! So here card insert besides giving names gives you facts on each creature! You also get a personal Discount Code for your next purchase from her site.

Look at all the little details!! I loved the huge rainbow stamp on top of the box. The presentation was so beautiful! She puts a lot of work into each and every aesthetic.

My favorite scent was "The Mermaid" which was a small perfume. It smells to me like Raspberry Lemonade. It was so fresh and light. The sprayer is a great treat too compared to other companies that have Roller Balls. For some reason roller balls just hate me and make me smell horrible. I'd love to get other items in this scent.

My favorite product was the Whipped Soap in "The Faery". I never tried her Whipped Soap til then and it's awesome! It's SO light and fluffy! Unlike any other Whipped Soap I have personally tried. I'd love to get a full product of this! The smell was described as "Caramel covered apples with popcorn." When I opened it I instantly was flooded with the smell of Popcorn I didn't smell anything else but that, but when I got in the shower and actually used it the other scents started to pop through. It was enjoyable. I don't know if I'd buy the scent again but I did like it.

The Squeeze Lotion in "The Nymph" was a new item in her shop. I had used her Head To Toe Lotion but whatever is in this Squeeze Lotion I like a ton better! The packaging is super cute too and easy to fit into a purse. So that's where I keep it most of the time and people have complemented the smell. It smells like "Raspberries with French Vanilla Custard and sweet butter." It's NOT the typical ___&cream scent you get. It's deeper I think the buttery part is what sets it apart. It smells like a baked good.

Her Lip Frosting has become one of my favorite items. They glide on nice and smooth and leave your lips feeling more hydrated. "The Leprechaun" smells like sorbet. I ended up giving this item to my sister to try out since I already had 2 of her other lip balms. She seems to like it! (Pssst again...if you buy a Lip Frosting from her this weekend til I don't know when, she'll be donating $1 to Charity for Childhood Cancer. So you get nice lips AND help kids! DO IT.)

The Soy Wax in "The Changeling" to me smells to me like cut fruits with a "fresh" scent thrown in there. I have not gotten around to melting it in my warmer yet, but I am saving it to melt in the future. She is now currently experimenting with a para-soy wax blend instead of just soy. She has some up on her site already.

The Foamy Salt Pedi Scrub in "The Pixie" smells to me like a rootbeer float! I used half of it already on my tootsies and it was a nice experience. I love when warmer weather comes people seems to put out more salt scrubs instead of sugar! Yes Salt is more course but I think it exfoliates much better on the rougher parts. I also thought it was cool that it foamed. I haven't had a product quite like it.

And last the Goats Milk and Oatmeal Soap in "The Elves". It has a pleasant scent which is something I am not used to when it comes to Goats Milk Soaps. I'm just not a huge fan of them in general. I just prefer different types of soap. I will most likely pass it along to someone that will enjoy it more.

This box made me so happy! If she does more I will do my best to get them! For the course of the Summer though she has decided to mostly do Collections.




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