Smell Ya Later!: Potion Dust Review

PICTURED: Whipped Soap in the scent "Giggle Beans", Magic Mist in the scent "Peep Poo", Sample of It's The Poo Shampoo Bar in "Yummy". Samples included: Whipped Soap in "Gimmie Candy" and Head to Toe Lotion in "Lipstick".

It has been almost a month since I gave you a firstlook at Potion Dust. So I thought while I have time I should give you a review of the items I have used and fill you in some more on some items I received at a later time.

I still stick by my statement that the Magic Mist is my favorite item. I really want to get more in the future. Sure I love it because I am a sucker for marshmallow scents but the mist itself is worthy of praise no matter what scent you get I think. It is GREAT for use on fabrics in my opinion. I've been using it on my sheets and pillowcase to provide sweet dreams! As a body spray I do find that you may need to reapply after a few hours, unless you spray it on your clothing.

Even though the It's The Poo Bar came in a scent I wasn't pleased in I wanted to test it out anyway. I wanted to see if it would work for or against my was against it sadly. My hair is dry, color treated, wavy, course (at times), and shoulder length. Yes I was warned it was best for oily-normal hair types but the owner Jennifer also mentioned she'd be curious as to how it worked on other types as well. I used it and my hair just felt so stringy and dry, it was a hot mess. So PLEASE only use if you have the hair type oily-normal.

Shortly after posting my firstlook I received another package from Potion Dust.

PICTURED: It's The Poo Bar in "Fluffy" and Head to Toe Lotion in "Peep Poo", plus handwriten note from Jennifer that reads: "Hopefully these scents are more poo peeling"

She felt really bad that I wasn't a fan of most the scents I had received. I told her it was ok, I knew the risks going into buying. She did this gesture out of the kindness of her own heart and that made it feel really special. Not all vendors will go out of their way and notice you as a human like Jennifer does.

I really like the Head to Toe Lotion. I'm usually not a fan of thinner formulas but this one is really nice. It doesn't get sticky or greasy and it sinks in almost immediately. I  used it on my hands mostly cause my feet need something a bit thicker. The only thing I'd suggest for it is maybe some repackaging. It would be easier and less messy to apply if it came in a squeeze tube perhaps or bottle. Would also make it travel easier for those girls that like their lotion on the go with so many accumulated in their purse (*whistles*...)

I have also since made another purchase from Potion Dust! This time a new to me items, her Sugar scrub and Lip Frosting (..the girly way of saying Lip Balm).
PICTURED: It Bubbles in "Fairy Farts", Lip Frosting in "I Lime You", Sample It's The Poo Bar in "Until The End"

I don't need a whole month to tell you the lip balm is amazing. It's yummy and moisturizing, makes your lips quenched. The sugar scrub is another story, You'll have to wait another month for complete details on that. Just know that the scent "Half Full" is AMAZING and I totally want a Magic Mist now in it!

My advice for Jennifer? Keep those interpersonal relationships with your customers going. It makes you a better and stronger vendor everyday. People love to buy stuff from others that are friendly and smart at their craft like you are. The only suggestions of "change" I may have is maybe try some new packaging on some products. Not all! I'm just saying go through your stuff and ask yourself what befits you or your customers can get from it.

Also I'd like to add tht the scents I did not like or products I couldn't use went into an ROAK (Random Acts Of Kindness) package. That' what I will be doing with some items from now on. If I have no use, someone else might as well get use out of it. Inspired by Jennifer's kind act to me.

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