Smell Ya Later!: Sarenzo Bath&Body Review

PICTURED: Mini Body Custard in "Tropical Margarita", Roll On Perfume in "Cherries&Cream", Lotion Bar in "Paradise", Sampler bag with Truffled Bath Soak Sample in "Sexy", and Coconut Milk Moisturizer.

Before we jump into this I wanted to say I received these items last weekend. I've had some personal issues come up in my life that kept me from doing this right away. Instead of a "Firstlook" you are getting a full review as I think these types of products I have used do not need to be tested for a whole month. If you disagree I am sorry. Now on to the review and happy smell goods!

This is how it looked all packaged up:
HOW CUTE IS THAT?! Seriously I love Zebra print and the colorful ribbons. It was nice and kept everything bundled together nicely.

Sarenzo Bath&Body is owned by Sarah Sarenzo (and her husband I believe as well. If I am wrong, correct me!). Sarah is always active in her own Facebook group and others, showing sneak peaks of products she is working on, asking for customers opinions, always on top of everything happening. I don't know her on a personal level, just seeing her in groups and I think of her as a strong woman who really cares about her customers. If you have an issue with anything they have a customer service email you can use. She also loves when people use their hashtag #GetToKnowSarenzo to show off their goods so others can see what products are like.

My first impression when I opened it was how professional the packaging looked. Clean, sturdy, and uniform. They don't mess around! I love it!I feel if I dropped something nothing will be damaged. The black&white labels make it sleek and easy to read.

The first product I tried was The Body Custard. Holy crud I can't believe it's "Mini"! The full size must be a monster! When I first sniff it I don't smell "Tropical Margarita" at all. It smells really fresh and really clean. Like a laundry type of clean and maybe some hints of citrus in the background. Even though it doesn't smell like I thought it was going to I really do enjoy it, it's refreshing and calming to me. The consistency is thick and a little fluffy but not overly so. When you rub it in you do have to take a moment and let it sink in, but once it does there is no greasy feeling. Just don't over do it. Don't slather yourself in it, a normal amount goes a long way!!

The next product is the "Cherries&Cream" Roll On Perfume. In the bottle it smells AMAZING! I adore me a good cherry scent, it's one of my favorites but for some reason Roll On Perfume and me just have not been getting along lately. I blame my body chemistry. It happens to everyone. Some scents just turn on you when applied to the skin. I have nothing bad to say about this! I LOVE it in the bottle! It's my own dang body that hates it.

The last thing I have to review is the "Paradise" Lotion Bar. It smells like a literal Paradise. It's fruity an beachy all rolled into one scent wise. I honestly can't pin point the fruits but whatever it is, I freaking love it! When skin is dry I like to rub a little bit on my wrists just to get the scent, but the best use of it is after a shower when you are still a little damp. Your skin will feel super smooth!

I have not used the samples, therefore I can not review them. I do not own a tub to use the Truffled Bath  Soak, but the scent "Sexy" is one I'd totally buy in another product.

What advice would I have for Sarah when it comes to her company as a consumer? None. She knows what she's doing. You can tell all the thought that went into each product. Everything is calculated I think from formulas, to packaging to how she wants to present herself and her company. She offers a variety of products to cater every woman's needs.

So my final thought's on Sarenzo Bath&Body? I can't wait to try more from them. I've been eyeballing the Body Fluff and Lajay Cleansing Honey for a bit now! I know I will buy from them again in the future!

ALSO! Next month is her birthday Month! *insert party horns and confetti here* Which means SALES all month! So if you never heard of them, May will be prime time to try them out!

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