Smell Ya Later!: Mad City Soap Deep Hair Conditioner

Mad City Soaps is an awesome indie company owned by a Woman named Sue. She carries Sugar Scrubs, Hair Care, Candles, Body Sprays/Perfume, and Bar and Cream Soap. Their products are handmade and that makes their quality even better. Customer service and Turn around time are right on spot (depending when you order keep in mind. There are busy seasons.).  If you have issues, never hesitate to contact a shop owner. People with small businesses want to make sure their customers always get the treatment they deserve so they gain a life long customer.

The product I have from them is "The Deep Hair Conditioner" in the scent "Fresh Marshmallow". IT SMELLS LIKE A DREAM! marshmallow is one of my top 10 favorite scents (ok maybe even a top 5, who am I kidding.). It is 4.5 oz and when you open it the scent hits you right away and you just melt, or at least I did.

I put the product aside since I usually only use a treatment depending on how my hair decides to act. You know what I am talking about ladies! It has a mind of it's own. My hair type is short (shoulder length), veryvery thick and wavy. So it loves to just go all freak show and frizz out on me.

When I went to use it the first time, I really didn't notice a huge difference. It worked but not anything exciting.  Well I tried it out again last night...and it was one of though life changing moments, where you just hear the angles sing. My hair felt so soft, even wet, which was SUCH a weird feeling. I've never had it feel that soft when wet and when it dried it was just so perfect.

I have not tried any other of her products but would love to in the future! If you are having mad hair issues, pick yourself up a tub of this. It's $6.50 and comes in so many scents. I received a free sample of "Blood Orange Sugar Cookie" in my order and that smelled divine as well!.

Go to Mad City Soap Etsy Store: Click Here!

NOTE I bought this with my own money. Reviews and thoughts are my own and no one else's.


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