Listen up! : January


I decided that it would be fun throughout the year to post a new Spotify playlist every month of songs I've been listening to in said month. My first list isn't that big because I decided to do this much later than I anticipated. So click the cut, see my January Playlist and maybe even some comments on some of the songs! Also remember if you do not have the Spotify program on your computer, they do offer it in a web player! The link to get to that is on their main page. You might sign up to use the program or web player but that only takes a few clicks then you are on your way to musical happiness.

The song that has been stuck in my head most of the month is Sam Hunt's "Ex To See" (his whole album is pretty good!). It's just got this sound and lyrics you can't get out of your head, mainly just the title line.

Meghan Trainor has had a huge month with the release of her debut full length album. I've been shaking my butt to "Lips Are Movin" pretty much since I saw her sing it on New Years Rockin Eve. Also the song she has on the album with John Legend is awesome. Really shows off a different side of her. It's pretty.

"Girl Crush" is a song I didn't know I needed in my life til a friend sent me a video of Kelly Clarkson covering it. Right after I started listening to the original. It's just SO good. Melodic, lyrically talented. Little Bigtown never ceases to amaze me in their abilities.

I included Darius Rucker, Gloriana, and Dierks Bentley because they all have new songs out I think people should hear and give a chance.

I hope you all enjoy this idea and maybe at the end of the year we can combine them, or count what artists I listened to most, all that fun sort of statistical stuff!


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