The Youtubes: Philip DeFranco & Company

This edition of The Youtubes I've decided to group as one. Four different channels for the price of one! Philip DeFranco host a show called The Philip DeFranco Show (PDS for short) and it is on Mon-Thurs. His show mainly consists of news stories from throughout the day to fill you in on the word around you with his Hilarious, truthful, oh I was thinking that but didn't say it out loud commentary.

Some segments in the shows that are consistent and great are Today In Awesome, BAMF of The Day, Douchebag Of The Day, Lady Of The Day. It's nice to have a show with a format you can expect and count on.  make it part of my daily routine to make sure I watch it every single night now. I have been a viewer of his for a bit over a year now and love it. He also does what he calls The Vloggity on another channel of his. It's what you'd expect, duh vlogs. On there he has some adorable ones of his son Trey and his future wife, Linds. He also participates in what he calls "Wassup Wedndays" where he takes Questions from the nation to answer. That's what he calls his fans, The Nation.

The next two are Channels operated and owned by Philip DeFrancos company which is also part of Discovery a parent company. I'm not exactly sure all the details on that so I won't go into it. I rather be more informed!m Anyway those channels are Sourcefed and SourcefedNerd.

Sourcefed is chock full of newsy type bits throughout the day. The videos are short and comedic. SourcefedNerd features more comedy bits, updates on the geek life, and does featured bits every week. They also do an interactive show called "#TableTalk" were viewers send i questions via reddit or twitter. I haven't been watching all of them since I started watching Phil but I still love them! The host are a huge part of the shows and culture that goes with it. It loves to interact with fans, some hosts also have personal channels you can follow if you want to as well.

I was going to include video in this update but it's so hard to pick once since they are on the grind everyday making new material for it's viewers. I will tell you some of the shows are sponsored but they don't go on forever about it, and if sponsored they offer you a deal most of the time as well!

So why am I recommending them all? They make me laugh. That's pretty much the majority of it. They help me understand more of what's going on in the world and bring me into theirs with their antics. It's pretty simple if you ask me.

So to summerizre that, here are the Channel links:
The Philip DeFranco Show
The Vloggity


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