Beauty Bites: Perfectly Posh Review (Zit Zapper&The Healer)

So it has been almost a full month since I have started using these products. I had such high hope for them when I bought them, but sadly one has failed to impress me. The Zit Zapper just did not work for me AT ALL. I did not notice any difference when I was putting it on everyday hoping maybe it needed some time to work. I gave it the time, and it just didn't live up to my expectations. Not saying it won't work for you, but it really didn't for me.  I suggest if you are interested in this product see if you can get a small sample of it first from your consultant then you will get a better idea of how it works for you first then shelling out the money for a full size.

As for The Healer, I have not been using it consistently but when I do, I take notice. It seems to just brighten up everything. I like it under my eyes and for patches of dry skin. Have been putting it on scars and have noticed a slow difference it is make. They are OLD scars so it will take some time. If it was a newer scar I could see it clearing up within a week like people have said.

It's all trial and error. You learn by your mistakes what will and won't work for you. Bummed The Zit Zapper didn't work for me, but I will not let that hinder me on purchasing from Perfectly Posh in the future. Why? A company doesn't stand on one product alone. They have various choices and am interested in seeing if they give me results I want. 

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The link will lead you to my friend and consultant Angie! She is a peach and can help you with all your Posh needs!



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