Things to Know When Shopping Indie

Here are a few things I found helpful and knowledgeable when shopping indie. There could be more added as a part 2 later down the line. Some are so basic but beginners never think of stuff! Hope you enjoyed the list format I used to try to help my brain from going every which way!

-- The products you are buying are made in small batches. What does this mean for you the consumer? When you order something then after using it all and order it again there is a possibility it might not be exactly the same. They are close but never exact. Could be due to formulation changes, something might have got messed up in this particular batch it could even be the scent you have chosen.

-- Keep in mind the weather. Products WILL react to the temperatures. Weather it's where you live or just through transit, it will react to extremes. For example Whipped Soap is a horrible product to make or travel during the Summer. It melts and is just not so nice and fluffy like it is in cooler to cold months. Same thing with some lotions. They tend to melt and sometimes explode in your box and make a mess. Don't forget about packaging as well. Some vendors use glass and even though  that's tough to travel as is, the cold could possibly lead to cracks.

-- Always be prepared! Nope it's not just a scout's motto. If you are interested in a company go to their site, check their FaceBook, see if they have any reviews, recommendations, complaints. EVERYTHING. If it's an Etsy page you can also check out their info as in how many sales they've had, reviews, etc.

-- Never be afraid to question!! You need an answer? Maybe you might be allergic to something in the product and you want to see if they can make it special for you without. Vendors are happy to communicate with their buyers. If they aren't...that's a big red flag.  By that I mean you don't want to support their product. Why support someone that doesn't care what their customers think? Plus it might be a sign that they aren't knowable enough on their own product! You want someone that knows what they are talking about, especially one that makes a product you are putting on your skin!

-- ALLERGIES! ALLERGIES! ALLERGIES! You have one? You best get to looking at their ingredient list. If you want to double check contact them before ordering. Or if you want to be proactive whenever you get a product, do a patch test. Trust me I use to ignore that thinking it was stupid. I take it a lot more seriously now that I am getting older and my allergies seem to always be a growing list of nightmares.


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