Mixology 101: The Great Pumpkin

This Halloween night I'm bringing you one of my most fun and favorite posts to make! Sure the name is a little lame, but I don't care at ALL :) Halloween isn't up there on a list of Holidays I love. Honestly I'm really not a Holiday person, which is very weird with me being born July 7th so close to July 4th where everyone and their mom don't give a shit and blast the fireworks all month long. But Halloween? I can sorta get down with that. I like to see kiddie costumes, and creative ones. The family that always has the best themed costumes though are Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka with their twins!

Remember this box DOES NOT EXIST. It's just some things I do for fun!

Anyway along with the smells of a Halloween Classic!

"Charlie Brown" : Smells like s'mores right from the campfire and then dusted off with a ton of powdered sugar!
                Wax Tart.

"Snoopy" : As happy as a tail wag this candied apple cider scent is all you'll need to show off your dance moves!
                Sugar Scrub that Foams.

"Woodstock" : He sticks to you through the thick and thin. This peanut butter  and blackberry jam concoction will delight you nose!
                  Hand Sanitizer

"Lucy" : Ugh she was such a bitch. She smells from head to tow of PSL. Pumpkin Spic Latte. Add an extra pump of Marshmallow syrup and she's good to go.
              Hydrating Hair Mist I'd choose for this.

"Linus" : Smells as fresh as a blanket from the dryer. Light floral notes on a backdrop of sweet mandarin  oranges.
                Foaming Liquid Soap.

"Sally" :  Candy Corn and caramel with some strawberry cotton candy to rot your teeth more.
               Lip Balm.

"The Great Pumpkin" : The fresh out of the oven cakey base of the pumpkin bread,then rolled u into a sweet cream cheese frosting. 
               A Really cute Bath Bomb that resembles a slice of Pumpkin Roll.


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