Mixology 101: The Muppets

This is always my go to when people as what box I'd want to create! I felt with the new show out, which I love by the way, that I might as well post what my box would contain and be like if it were to be a real thing!

"Kermit": The smell of fresh cut grass and water lilies in the pond with a dash of honeysuckle it's just like being down home in the pond you grew up in as a tadpole.
        A refreshing room and linen spray!

"Miss Piggy": A classy glass of Pinto Noir  swept away in amber and a fresh drizzle of maple syrup.
                      Miss Piggy has A game, so nothing less than a perfume oil for her.

"Beaker": A fresh bag of mixed nuts and fruit including almonds, blueberries an pomegranate. Just as nutty as him!
                  I'd offer this in a body scrub with poppy seeds as the exfoliate.

"Wokka Wokka" Bananas Foster and ooey gooey marshmallow. This will make you chuckle.
          This product would make the most delicious lip balm!

"Gonzo": A furry blue alien is as weird as they come but endearing. Nothing but a weird yet harmonious combination for him. Coconut and Pears with fresh cut lilacs tossed in for a flowery final note.
               A thick and creamy double whipped cream.

"Rolph": What does a dog drink at the piano? How about a bubbly and icy concoction of ginger ale, gin, and a twist of lime?
                 A wax tart.

"Rizzo": An earthy blend of herbs, orange rinds and beer. The finer things he found in the dumpster.
              A cool artisan soap bar soap featuring those ingredients.

"Camila": She's a down to earth chick. Vanilla with a sweet blend of patcholi and crisp fall leaves.
                  This would be offered in laundry soap!


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.