Fangirl 101: Charles Kelley

Fangirl 101 is something I was inspired to start tonight. Everyone knows I love music and give you playlists every Season (Use to be monthly). Fangirl 101 will be about me and my love of a particular singer, group, maybe an actor, or actress, and possibly TV shows. In my real life everyone knows, if I am a fan of something, I go balls to the walls to put it lightly. Sometimes there is just no stopping me. I tend to absorb random facts about someone or something like a sponge, that a normie would just let go in one ear and out the other. Let's start this shall we?

Charles Kelly. Everyone knows him from the Grammy Award winning Trio, Lady Antebellum. That's NOT where my story starts! Back in the mid 2000's I really started getting into Indie Acoustic pop/rock and singer songwriter type music. I became a Fan of Curtis Peoples (he WILL be a subject of one of these someday!) and through him I became a fan of a bunch of his friends. They'd all play shows together ad write music. I was actually a big fan of Charles' brother, Josh before him.

Here's a gem from an old school performance.

As you can see Dave Haywood is in the video as well. He always played with Charles and created and ran his website. I remember it was so fun cause they ad good content. Charles ended up making 2 pop albums he sold at shows and online. He then eventually met Hillary Scott while in Nashville and Him, Dave and her formed Lady Antebellum. I even remember watching his final show broadcast online. 

When I heard about the forming of the group I was pretty doubtful. But once I heard the material I knew I loved it. From there on I was a Lady A'er supporting them through everything! I am even the FOUNDER of the twitter @ladyafans. I haven't been part of it in years, but I did start it all. I finally got to met them when they played my local fair. I was front row as well. I've met them twice now and been to at least 8 shows. I've lost track. I also ran into Charles at a Bar in Pittsburgh because a mutual friend of ours had a show that night. I was too scared to bother him, I didn't want to be rude!

Back to the music. All that he has created I am pretty much a fan of. A lot of songs can fill your life in all aspects. From the first track to the last I want a story, I want to try to feel emotions that I can't convey myself. One of his strong suits is his songwriting capabilities no matter who he is working with you get a great quality song.

I was SHOCKED when I found out he was doing solo material and a tour. He has a new song out from the project with Dierks Bentley and Eric Pasly. It leaves me speechless. I love the thought process, the story, the sound. Plus Dierks is another musical love of mine so them together? BAM! I am so eager to hear new material! Enjoy his new song!


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