Mani's of '15: #20, 21, 22

Mani number 20 was China Glaze "Pop The Trunk". It's a bright and vibrant orange/red color. I found it to be the perfect summertime color and used it the last week of August just to give it one last hurrah! Because with Fall around the corner I'll be tucking away any loud polish and gravitate toward the more mute shades. Neutrals and Darks will be welcomed! One of the only things I enjoy about the season. The application was ok, still patchy but not as bad as other China Glaze polishes I have used this year.

Mani number 21 is OPI's "I Don't Give A Rotter-dam!". You can't tell in the pic but it does have a shimmer to it and is a light grey with a bit of blue based. Seen here it took 3 coats an was sheer just like the other OPI's I bought while on vacation. Application wasn't bad. It just ticked me off because it's sheer. I just wanted it to look like it does in the bottle so bad. But it wasn't the worst sheer I have worked with if that means anything.

and Lastly Mani number 22 I actually did last night. It is Julep's "Zelda" with Julep's "Giana" on the accent nail. I didn't think they looked the same in the bottle so putting "Giana" on I thought would give it a brighter foil golden sparkle look...which I failed at. But hey on the bright side it was a one coat wonder!! I haven't had that happen to me in AGES! It's metallic and went on super easy! I'll totally reach for it again if I feel like a gold.


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